Leveled Texts for Social Studies

Fully engage and motivate students as they explore social studies materials with these award-winning books that include high-interest leveled texts.

This series features six titles including:

  • Early America
  • Expanding & Preserving the Union
  • World Cultures Through Time
  • The 20th Century
  • American Biographies
  • Symbols, Monuments, and Documents

Designed to help all students grasp important historical topics, the social studies texts in these books are written at four different reading levels (American Biographies and Symbols, Monuments, and Documents, levels 1.0 - 5.2; all other titles, levels 1.5 - 7.2), making these resources perfect for differentiation. Each text is presented in a two-page format and complemented with comprehension questions written at each reading level. Symbols placed in the lower corner of each page represent the reading level range and are designed to help teachers differentiate instruction. Each book features a Digital Resource CD including a modifiable version of each passage in text format and full-color versions of the texts and image files.

Available as separate books, a 4-book set (Early America, Expanding & Preserving the Union, World Cultures Through Time, and The 20th Century), or a 6-book set.