Inspiring Stories

Nothing lifts us up more than hearing success stories from teachers, students, and parents who have experienced the life-changing results of our programs. It’s what drives us to do more, to reach higher, and to never give up on our mission of changing learning around the world.

  1. Above Grade

    I’m so happy to see his confidence continue to increase! He is reading above grade level and picking up novels to read at home, something his parents never thought would happen."
    —Proud Tutor

  2. Inspiring

    I wanted to share an awesome moment I just experienced listening to a student outside my office. He had just read a four-syllable word independently, ran to the nearest teacher to tell them the news, and then happily declared, 'I'M PROUD OF MYSELF!'"
    —Hunja K.

  3. Life With

    One of the first Visualizing and Verbalizing students I ever worked with was a high school student. After going through V/V instruction, he told me it was as if he went from living his life in black and white to living in color; he compared this to the movie The Wizard of Oz where the scenes come to life with color."
    —Kristie B.

  4. Empowered
    and Motivated

    A wonderful 72-year-old student started instruction last week in order to regain his reading ability after a stroke a few years back. Today, he thanked me for challenging him and told me how invigorated he felt. He said he didn't want to stop. It's great to see him feel empowered and motivated, especially as he tackles something that was once very easy for him, but is now very hard."
    —Danielle A.

  5. Math is Easy!

    An 8th-grade student came to us with very weak math skills. He completed the On Cloud Nine program, and his math skills and confidence improved dramatically. His mother commented she was seeing him connect with numbers and use his new math skills at home. On top of that, his performance on two different standardized math tests went from a 3rd-grade to an 8th-grade level, and from a Kindergarten to an 11th-grade level!"
    —Learning Center Director

  6. Rising Star

    I just received a letter from a past student. She shared: 'My 8th-grade year has certainly been something. Academically I am doing the best I have ever done! I have almost all straight A's. I can't believe it has been almost five years since I was that little scared 4th grader learning how to read. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys... [You] helped me become who I am today!'"
    —Karen M.

  7. Dream
    Come True

    This girl, an 8th grader, [was] reading at what she described as, '...a 4th-grade reading level or something?' She now reports that she’s '...reading at an 8th-grade level, my level, my actual grade level, for the first time literally ever in my whole life.'"
    —Brian W.

  8. This Is Why

    She said she hopes 'school takes care of my learning needs as much as Lindamood-Bell did.' I asked her about her personal goals and she told me, 'I'd like to be in regular reading placement.' I told her I'm rooting for her. I told her I'm insanely proud of her. This is the whole reason I do this job—so I could stand here and say she really did it!"
    —Learning Center Clinician

  9. Fostering

    It's always great to end a day with an email from a professional saying, 'His reading has improved so much that I am no longer needed for his support! Are you guys trying to boot me into retirement early?!'"
    —Ryan H.



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